Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Vintage-themed Bridal Shower

I am co-matron of honor (I know that sounds old but I'm a married lady now!) for my friend Vicki's wedding.  This past weekend Andrea (the co-matron) and I pulled off quite a shower I must say.  We were a bit overwhelmed as the guest list included 60 ladies but we were only in charge of decorations not the food.........whew!  My friend Vicki had mentioned having a vintage feel to her wedding so I thought it would be a fun idea to have a vintage-themed bridal shower.  And I thought it would be A LOT of fun to have all the ladies dress up in their pearls and hats......and you know how ladies like to dress up!  So Andrea sent out the invitations encouraging everyone to wear their pearls, hats, or gloves.  Here's a picture of me in my vintage finery :o)

For favors I thought a daffodil bulb would be nice, but simple, and rather inexpensive since the number we would need was so large.  I found some 8-packs of coconut fiber pots at Orchard Supply Hardware, pretty cellophane in either pink on one side and silver on the other, or a more transparent hot pink, some ribbon in shades of silver, gold, ivory, and brown at Michael's on sale after Christmas, and little silver heart tags that said "Love" from Joann's Fabrics.  So I worked up a sample and got the okay from Andrea so we started making favors!

While working on them I thought it would be nice to have a tag to explain what the favors were and include a personal note.  I found some sticker/labels from Michael's and printed out a sweet saying I created, stuck them to a heart-shape I cut out from scrap-booking paper, and attached it all to a barbecue skewer that we could stick in the pot.  The saying I came up with was "Like our wish for Vicki in marriage, may this bulb bloom and bring you joy".  And here you are, a sweet little favor that the guests really thought were nice (there were none left and we made extras!)

And for the rest of the decorations I bought some bulk roses, chrysanthemums, and alstroemeria, clipped some greenery from trees in our yard and whipped up some centerpieces.  Andrea also had a ton of candles to place along the tables too.

I also asked Vicki for some pictures of her growing up to put out as a display on the gift table.  I used some old frames I had from the table numbers for Brian and my wedding with a few more larger frames I picked up.  The frames we had were all painted silver or ivory so I added some gold into the mix to fit more with our theme.

And no party is complete without balloons.  I found the heart mylar balloons at a shop in town and Bonnie, one of the bridesmaids, picked up some latex balloons also in our theme colors, pink, ivory, silver, and gold. 

So those are the ins-and-outs of my adventure in co-hosting a bridal shower.  It was a lot of fun, especially to see all the ladies in their pearls and hats, I think everyone really had a good time.  The bride, Vicki, was quite happy with all we did and we wish her all the best in marriage :o)

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