Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Windowsill Planters

We have two small windows on one wall in our living room that overlook our side yard.  They also provide a nice view to the neighbors house and a partial view of the street :o(  Although we want a bit more privacy I didn't want to add curtains because the windows offer a lot of light in the morning and I like the molding around the windows so I didn't want to cover them up.

Here you can see the view of our neighbors house out the left window:

And out the right window is the street:

My plan of action was to move the planters I had on the windowsill in the kitchen to these windows in the living room.  I bought new planters at Ikea for the kitchen that I hope to plant herbs.  The sad thing is I also had to buy a few more succulents to replace the ones that had either died or were on their last leg.  Yes, my watering leaves something to be desired as I cannot even keep succulents alive!  And I work with plants for my job, but at work watering is in my schedule so those plants I remember to water :o)

Anyway back to the project at hand.  Here is the right window with the new planter of succulents:

As you can see it adds a bit more privacy, but mostly it adds a bit of greenery to the room.  You can also see the little sun-activated mobile prism Brian received from his grandparents that he enjoyed as a kid.  Emma loves to watch the rainbows float across the room and it also is quite entertaining for Bailey the cat!

Here's the left window:

And a closer shot with a figurine we received when we were married, just for a more artsy angle:

Yeah, maybe not much more in the way of privacy, but I think it adds a little decor to the windowsill at least and I can pretend about the privacy part ;0)

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