Friday, December 7, 2012

The Starting of Traditions

Since this is Emma's first Christmas I thought it would be fun to start traditions that we could continue each Christmas.  A while back either on a blog or maybe Pinterest I came across the idea of gifting the kids pajamas on Christmas Eve so they can wear them to bed that night and wake up Christmas morning in new pajamas.  I thought that was a fun idea and I even remembered to do it this year which is a miracle considering that I have been operating on little sleep the last 6 months!  I don't know if kids will find this as exciting but I thought it sounded fun!

So a few weeks back there was a sale on pajamas on Carter's website so I ordered Emma cute red and white striped footsy pajamas.  They have a Santa face on the backside and little Santa faces on the feet.  Emma actually wore them a little early as our local baby store had Santa pictures last weekend and the kids were supposed to wear pajamas. 

Since Emma will have on her new pajamas on Christmas Eve when Santa will actually be stopping by I figured for her Santa pictures she should be wearing them too, to keep things real you know, haha.  Brian actually got to dress up as Santa for the pictures although his face won't be visible.  The photographers came up with the idea to have a parent dress as Santa to get a Santa picture without tears for younger kids.  So Brian put on the Santa outfit and I tried to get her to smile so hopefully we have a few good photos to share soon!

I also thought it would be nice if we read a story on Christmas Eve with Emma in her new pajamas and what better story than "The Night Before Christmas!".  I found a really nice copy with beautiful pictures on the Barnes and Noble website on sale.  When it arrived I wrote a short inscription inside the front cover and wrapped it up with the pajamas.

Here are her cute pajamas, they say "My 1st Christmas" on the front :o):

And "The Night Before Christmas":

And I wrapped the arms around the book in a hug :o)

The book will be something we can read every Christmas Eve.  I also thought it might be fun to take a picture each year reading the book as new kiddos join the group and include those inside the cover.  Christmas will be so exciting now with a new little one to celebrate with!

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