Friday, April 26, 2013

Super Hero Cape

As part of my shower gift to the mom-to-be I made a super-hero cape for her older son.  He has to this point been the only child so I wanted to do something to include him in the festivities and to help make him excited to be a big brother.  He is really into Superman, so I decided to make him a similar style cape with his initial, "P", and "Super Brother" on it.

I bought some red satin fabric at Joann's for the cape and used felt I already had for the "P" emblem.  I also bought iron-on letters for the "Super Brother" part.

I first got to work on the "P" emblem.  I made a shield shape out of blue felt with a slightly smaller shield in yellow.  Then I drew a "P" on black felt to fit into the yellow shape and cut it out.  To give it a finished look and to hold everything in place I sewed a border close to the edge of the felt layers.

The red satin fabric I cut in a slightly tapered shape so the neck part wouldn't bulge too much when gathered for wearing.  I then sewed the shield on to the red fabric by stitching a border close to the edge of the blue felt.

Then I ironed on the "Super Brother" letters.  The package of letters I bought only had two "Rs" so I modified a "B" and the "Rs" to get 3 of the same "R" shape.

I had two pieces of the satin fabric so I sewed the right sides (shiny sides, the one with the writing) together leaving a large opening at the bottom for flipping everything right side out and two a 1.5" gaps at the top for stringing ribbon through for wearing.  I then topstitched around the the sides and bottom of the cape to keep the fabric from shifting and to close up the opening at the bottom.  I also stitched 1.5" from the top of the cape to create a channel to keep the ribbon in place.  I then strung 1.5" black and white stripe ribbon through the channel at the top of the cape for tying the cape on. 

And here we have the finished cape with "Super Brother P" showing it off :o)

My friend loved the cape and so did her son.  She told me he wore it for the rest of the afternoon :o)

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