Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let there be Christmas!

This is the first year we actually have a full size Christmas tree.  While living in our apartment we bought a cute little potted blue spruce tree that we had been using year after year.  And with each year there were less and less needles until it could no longer be turned to hide the bald spots as it had become one giant bald spot.  So this year we HAD to buy a big tree! 
I found some ornaments on sale at Michael's, I really liked the silver glittery patterns, and then found some disco-ish silver balls at Target in the dollar bin.  With left over snowflakes, stars, and lights from years past, I got to work with my Mom decorating the tree, with Brian playing Christmas music from his computer in the background.  And if I do say so myself it is quite a lovely tree, it looks somewhat elegant with all the silvery ornaments and golden lights.

And as tradition (well for the last couple years, it's in its initial stages of traditiondom) we each bought a ornament for the year.
Brian chose a "flying snowman" from Target, because he really liked the snowman's propeller hat. He didn't care about the loving heart or the wish for peace he just thought the hat was cool :o)

While I chose a mercury glass deer from West Elm.  I guess I am in a silvery-bling decorating mood this year.

And that's our Christmas tree for this year, not the standard green and red ornaments, but a "sparkly thing" as Brian just called it after I asked him for for his take on the tree.  But he enjoys......he really does :o)

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