Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our hunt for hinges

I've been working on refinishing a corner cabinet we bought off Craigslist a few weeks back.  We decided to replace the hardware on the cabinet to give it more a feel for our sense of style.  It originally came with knobs and pulls that had a leaf motif.  We had pondered painting the knobs more of a satin nickel color than the 80's style bronze they were.  Although I love a nature-y theme, I just felt like something different.

I've always liked the cup-shaped cabinet pulls and while wondering the isles of Home Depot  low and behold I came across the perfect style........and they were Martha Stewart so I had to have them!  And Brian liked them because they were somewhat industrial looking, although he was a bit weary of a cup-shaped pull for ease of use but I convinced him :o)

Yesterday I was all set to put the doors back on the cabinet after painting them, but the hinges just would not do.  After two coats of paint (one by me and one maybe by the previous owner) they were lacking in the mobility department.  So off we went to Home Depot and finally to Orchard Supply where we found the perfect hinges to match our Martha Steward hardware......I was happy :o)

So hopefully soon we will have the doors back on the cabinet and we will have a picture of the finished cabinet.  Well almost finished, we still have to deal with the hummingbird etching on the glass windows.....but that will be another time when we have some money to buy a couple pieces of glass.

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