Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More furniture painting, my new favorite pastime!

So I got the idea to move my desk from the living room into the spare bedroom to use for crafting and sewing projects and swap it for the dresser that was pretty much not being used.  And then I thought, wouldn't it be fun to paint the dresser!  While testing paints for our bedroom I had found a blue called "Kerry Blue Terrier" from Martha Stewart Paints I really loved that would be perfect.
The dresser was actually my first paint stripping and refinishing project  that got me hooked on DIY-ing about 10 years ago.  So here we have a picture of the dresser before:

It had a few issues I had to address with some wood filler at the start.  Here you can see where a piece of the veneer on the side had chipped and been cut-away and how I filled it in with the wood filler.  (I sanded it smooth before painting of course.)

Next I lightly sanded all surfaces and applied a nice coat of primer.

Then I got to the painting part.  I put on two coats and let it dry.  We then took a trip to Home Depot, and Orchard Supply, and Ace......and then back to Home Depot and found some cabinet pulls from the Martha Stewart Collection that we really liked.........but we forgot to measure the old pulls for the proper size, so back home we went to measure.  So we returned to Home Depot with our old pull in hand and matched it up to the nice sizing chart that Home Depot has so thoughtfully displayed.  2 and 3/4 inches!!!  There was only one pull in that size and we weren't too happy about the "choice".
Brian offered to re-drill the holes to fit the 3" Martha Stewart pulls if I filled them in and did the re-priming and painting.  So back to work we go.  Here we have a picture of the previous holes filled in.

Brian then measured and re-drilled the holes.  We ended up filling in both holes as we wanted the pulls a little more in from the edge and because of the style of the previous pulls they were placed a bit high and we wanted to move them down to center them vertically on the drawers.  And I primed and painted my pajamas.  (Those aren't angel wings they are "freedom" wings as the front of my shirt says :o)).

Then Brian helped me put on the new cabinet pulls and here you have it, our new blue dresser.  Sounds like a good luck charm in marriage..........hey, let's hope that it is :o)

We hope you enjoyed that furniture painting adventure and may it inspire you to paint some of your own!


Rachel said...

can you tell me what color this is? its lovely!

Linda said...

Thanks! I got the paint from Home Depot, it's called "Kerry Blue Terrier" from the Martha Stewart Collection. I just love the name! Thanks again!

Decor & Harmony said...

I love the blue! I'm working on two projects that are blue too! Good job....from yournew follower!

Linda said...

Wow, thanks! You made my day!
Linda :o)

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