Thursday, June 2, 2011

The fruits of our labor

Our garden has really taken off.  Most of our berries are producing fruit and we've been able to harvest some. Our strawberries were abundant this year. We did have a bit of a problem as the last couple of weeks when they were just beginning to ripen the weather decided to become cool and rainy. In the central valley of California, rain at this time of year and for this many days is a rarity!  Our strawberries suffered a bit, they are not as sweet as they should have been but still really good, better than grocery store strawberries anyday! This evening I went out to the backyard and picked some strawberries that were ripe along with some boysenberries, apricots, and a single golden raspberry. We only had a handful of golden raspberries this year but they were so sweet and tasty! I actually picked a few today but only one made it into the house without being eaten by me :o)

One surprise we had this year was our artichoke plants.  Both Brian and I were expecting one maybe two artichokes per plant but we ended up with way more than that.

Look at all those artichokes!:

We've been amazed and overwhelmed.  Whenever there has been a family get-together, artichokes have been included on the menu :o)

We also have some red raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, and onions growing.  At the beginning of spring we were worried about our peach tree as it had some sort of bacterial disease visible on the leaves.  It seems that the plant fought it back as I can see no more infected leaves and there are a few peaches growing.

So Brian and I are having fun with our garden this year!

And here's Bailey on the prowl :o)

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