Monday, August 1, 2011

A Bunting Banner

I really love the look of bunting banners used as decorations and I finally got the chance to make one.  My friend is having a baby soon and I'm working on a baby quilt for her.  I decided to use some of the extra fabric to make a bunting banner for decoration at the baby shower and for the baby's room after the shower if my friend wants.  I picked fabric in shades of pink, lavender, light blue, and green.  Here you can see a preview of the finished sweet!

And then here's how I did it.  I first traced and cut out the triangles for the pennants at 6 inches by 8 inches.  I also cut triangles from some cream fabric I had to be used as a backing to make the pennants more substantial. (I think this will allow them to hang nicer but this is only my thoughts..........and I think it helps to make them look finished.)

I then placed the right (good) sides of the fabric together, I didn't worry about pinning things in place.

Here you can see a bit better by what I mean about right sides of the fabric together:

And then I sewed the sides together leaving the top of the triangle open:

I trimmed a little of the extra fabric around the point of the triangle and flipped the pennant right side out.  I also used a pen to help push the point of the triangle out.

I ironed all the pennants to get rid of any creases and to make the fabric lay flat at the seams.  I then took some ribbon and folded it in half over the top of the pennants and pinned the ribbon into place.  Here you can see the ribbon on the end pennant.  I didn't worry about pinning the entire ribbon in half, only the portion with the pennants.

Here you can see a larger section of the pennants pinned to the ribbon:

Then back to the ol' sewing machine to sew the ribbon into place:

And here we have the finished product!

Isn't it cute!  We are having a circus-themed baby shower so I think the banner will work perfectly!  And here's hoping my baby quilt works out as well! 

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