Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Butterfly Wall

Scouting for ideas of how to decorate the nursery, I saw a pin on Pinterest where paper butterflies where adhered to a wall as if in flight.  I thought it was a really fun idea and had some butterflies left over that I got from Michael's for our wedding so I decided to use those.  I bought some poster putty from Joann's and adhered small pieces to the back of my butterflies.  The poster putty is nice because it can easily be removed from the wall but seems to hold very well at the same time.

So here's the back of my butterfly with the putty attached to the underside. 

And then I placed the butterflies to look like they were swooping across the wall.

Here's a closer picture where you can see the pretty patterning on the wings.

I also plan to use some more of the butterflies to make a mobile over the crib for the baby, but I have yet to start that.  I'm still in the planning process of how I want to make it.  We had initially bought a large umbrella-like leaf from Ikea that I was going to use but when I assembled it, it was huge, like cover the whole crib huge!  So I'm deciding whether to try my hand at shaping a smaller wire leaf to use or just going with a basic round shape for the mobile.  We will see where my creativity takes me!

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