Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter From the President

Emma has her connections!  She received a letter from the President and First Lady welcoming her to the world and wishing her a long and happy life :o)

A month or so ago, I read that you can write to the White House Greetings Office for different occasions (births, weddings, birthdays, etc.) and they will mail you back a card from the President and First Lady.  I thought that would be fun to include in Emma's scrapbook that I'm hoping to finish for her first birthday (fingers crossed!).

I found the info for where to write and what needs to be included on the letter to the President here.  And lo and behold Emma received a letter addressed to her from the White House!  The only place her name appears is on the envelope so be careful opening it if you do decide to write the President :o)

Here's a picture of the announcement we sent with a picture of her on election day:

Regardless of your political leanings I think it is a fun little memento to have.  I've heard other places like Disneyland also do something similar.

I also sent for a birthday greeting for my Grandma Dorothy who will be turning 95 this year!  But don't tell her it's a secret :o)

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