Thursday, February 7, 2013

YHL Thrift Shop Challenge

Last week one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, issued "The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge".  Basically the challenge was to go to a thrift store "with $20 dollars in my pocket" as the Thrift Shop song by Macklemore states and:

1)  Take a picture at the thrift store with $20 in my pocket
2)  Spend the $20 however I want and take a picture of what I buy (the whole $20 does not need to be spent).
3)  Find an item referenced in the lyrics and take a picture.

I was a little weary of flashing a twenty outside the thrift shop, more because I just thought it would look strange to any passers-by than any fear for my safety.  So I took a picture of $20 in my pocket as I was heading out to the thrift store :o)

.......... and when I got there I put the $20 in my wallet :o)  I went to the Thrift Store Outlet since were having lunch around the corner at Subway so I thought I'd pop in while I was near.

They were having a Saturday 30% off sale so I was in luck.  I found a few items for $10.46.  And also  a stack of luggage for the scavenger hunt portion of the challenge (#3).

And my find for $10.46:

A carved wood jewelry box, a wooden rabbit, and a metal jewelry stand.  I saw potential in each one, that with a little paint they could look nice.  The rabbit was a bit questionable, but I thought it might work for Easter decor.  I just had to do something about his mouth, it looked like he might have once had a life as a vampire rabbit..............Eeekkk!!!:

So with a little paint, I transformed my finds:

And the rabbit doesn't look quite so scary, he's just carrying a bushel of lavender in his little blue basket :o)

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