Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

A few of my friends and I are throwing a baby shower for another friend of ours with a super hero theme.  I was excited to have a decorating project to work at so I got going on some decorations right away.  I headed over to Pinterest to browse for ideas and came across tissue paper pom-poms.  I figured they were cute and I could make them in primary colors to go with our super hero/comic book theme.

I followed a pin to a tutorial by Martha Stewart (wouldn't you know).  I couldn't find tissue paper in the size she recommended, everything I found was either square 20"x20" or 20"x16".  What I did learn from this is it is best to start with rectangular sheets of tissue paper as square sheets resulted in pom-poms that were not as full looking.

So following the instructions I stacked 8 pieces of tissue paper together (either the 20"x16" or the 20"x20" cut into a more rectangular shape).  My first attempt, I didn't quite read the directions correctly and folded each individual sheet before stacking them together..............yeah, that didn't quite work out so well, my pom-pom wasn't very round or full.


I also found out it's important to fold the tissue paper across the longer length (i.e. so there will be more folds, not long folds).  Once again when I did it the wrong way my pom-pom failed to be the nice round and full shape I was hoping for.

After the sheets were folded (the correct way), I used floral wire to wrap around the center of the tissue paper, with enough excess wire for hanging.

I then trimmed the ends of the tissue paper to points.  You can also make the ends rounded for a softer flower like pom-pom, but per the super hero theme I wanted the pom-poms to look sharper, like "kapow!" poufs if that's a thing :o)

And here you can see how it looks when the folds are stretched out:

Lastly, I separated each of the eight layers of tissue paper to form the pom-pom.

And then I had a pom-pom:

...........or "kapow!" poufs.


Katja@ Shift Ctrl ART said...

They look fantastic. I love the pointed ends. Awesome!

Linda said...

Thanks! :o)

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Those are so pretty. The pointed ends really give them nice detail.

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