Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A "LOVE" Banner

For Valentine's Day I made a couple small banners to hang in the living room side windows.  I wanted something simple that I could do in between time spent entertaining Emma :o)  So I thought bunting with a few pennants would fit the bill.

I first decided how large I wanted to make the pennants and made a template:

I then used the template to trace four pennants on white fabric folded over at the top of each pennant:

I cut out each pennant through the two layers of fabric, keeping the fold intact (uncut).  I printed out the outline of  letters for the word "LOVE" (minus the "O") in a font I liked and traced them onto the pennants, then I filled them in with silver paint:

And for the "O" I cut out a heart from pink felt:

 Then glued it to the fabric:

Adding an embroidery back stitch to give it a quilted look:


 I then pinned the folded over fabric together, lining up the edges:

 And sewed the two sides together, the width of my sewing machine foot, thick enough to fit twin through for stringing the pennants:

Here are the finished pennants:

Then it was just a matter of stringing the pennants on twine and hanging the banner in the window:

I also made a banner for the other window:

A fun, simple project for the holiday :o)

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