Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Notes

I while back (in November) I read a blog post about decorating a jar with the word "Thanks" and adding daily notes about what you are thankful for and then reading them on Thanksgiving Day.  I thought it would be fun to do a similar thing where Brian and I write little love notes, collect them in a jar, and then read them together on Valentine's Day.  Yes, a little cheesy but fun and sweet you have to admit :o)

I found a neat looking apothecary jar at Michael's on sale for $6.99.  I had originally planned to etch the word "Love" on the jar, maybe a little heart in place of the "O" but I didn't get a chance to work on it.  I also wasn't sure about the feasibility since there isn't a large flat surface on the jar to work with.  So I ended up just tying leftover ribbon from the valentine garland on the knob on the jar top and placing slips of paper for the notes next to the jar.

Here's a picture of our jar all filled with notes! 

We will see how this goes, it may become a Valentine's tradition..........or the jar will make a cool candy dish :o)

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