Friday, February 4, 2011

Personalized Decorations

I love the look of letters as wall decorations.  In script or booktype, or a fancier font, any style of typeface really.  So I thought for my next project I would make personalized wall art using the letters of our first names!

I recently found some really cute scrapbooking paper in greens, blues, and brown that I thought would work perfectly in our newly painted bedroom.  Brian and I each chose a paper pattern we liked for the background and a contrasting sheet for the first letter of our names.  We also each found a font that we liked to use for our letters.  I was hoping that we would pick two completely different styles, like Brian would pick a more block style since he's a tech-y person and I would have a more flowing style, but no, when we compared our choices they almost looked like the same font.  Oh well, I guess great minds think alike :o)

So I printed out our letters and then enlarged them with the zoom feature on our printer to get them to the right size.  I also printed out an ampersand in a different font and picked a couple paper patterns that would complement our other paper choices.

I traced the letters in reverse on the back of the scrapbooking paper, again so the trace lines wouldn't show on the pretty side of the paper.

I then cut out the letters and pasted them on to a full sheet of scrapbooking paper.  We found some white album frames at Target that would perfectly fit the 12"x12" paper and then hung them on the wall above our bed.

We weren't really happy with how they looked above the bed because we need something a bit larger to fill more of the wall. We decided to move them to the opposite wall above our dresser which I think looks much better.

And there you have it, personalized wall decor.

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