Monday, February 7, 2011

Organizing under the bathroom sink

Whenever I get a chance, I will look at home handyman/diy style magazines and articles.  I recently saw one about how to manage the disorganized space under sinks by either adding open drawers or adding some swing out shelf.  I thought that was a good idea but I don't have time to put in the drawers now.  I decided to meet them half way.  I measured the space under the bathroom sink and when we went to discount stores I looked for something I could use.  Finally when we were at the Burlington Coat Factory, I found some metal organizers that were just the right size for $5 each.  They were a nice pink color but that was fixed by Linda using a little spray paint. 

I didn't take a before picture because I was too embarrassed of the mess under the sink, so I only have after pictures.  :-)

The cool thing about the metal "drawers" is that if I have time later, it shouldn't be too hard to attach drawer slides to them and turn them into real drawers.

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