Friday, May 13, 2011

A DIY display stand

After seeing this domed display stand on the Thrifty Décor Chick blog I just had to make one for myself!

It was made by gluing a cheese dome onto a candlestick, what a clever idea! I always see these cheese domes at the thrift stores I frequent, but don’t you know, once I wanted to buy one I couldn’t find one! After a couple weeks of searching I finally found one but couldn’t find a wooden candlestick. So after a week or so of searching for the perfect candlestick I finally found one and could begin my project!

Here we have my cheese dome and candlestick (I could only find a metal candlestick the size and style I wanted). The total cost for both was about $4, so not too bad.

The first thing I had to do was to attach the candlestick to the wooden cheese dome base.  I used a ruler to find the approximate center and traced an outline of the candlestick top onto the bottom of the wooden base.

In the “Thrifty Décor Chick” post she used gorilla glue to attach the pieces but I didn’t have any on hand so Brian suggested using JB Weld. Supposedly this is some pretty tough stuff, it has a strength of 3,000 psi or something like that and can be used on a variety of surfaces ……… I just know my dad has used it for car stuff before. The key to the JB Weld is it has two components that when mixed has super bonding strength.
Here I squeezed out two somewhat even lines of the components (I should have put them closer together for easier mixing).

And then I mixed like crazy with a toothpick:

I then used the toothpick to apply the “weld” to the outline on the bottom of the wooden base.

Then I attached the candlestick, weighted it down, and let it set for a few hours.

After it was set I got to the fun part, the painting! I decided to use my brand new Annie Sloan paint in Duck Egg Blue that I bought to paint my dining chairs with!!! (I am loving this paint but will talk about that in a later post.)  After giving the clandlestick/wooden base (now display stand) a couple of coats of paint I used some fine grit sand paper to add a bit of distressing.

Didn’t it turn out fantastic! Now to fill it with something worthy of display :o)

On my way home from work today I made a slight detour to Michael’s to get a couple of things to fill it with. I found some really pretty moss and a nest in a flower part arrangement that I deconstructed to make a little nature scene in my new domed display stand.

Here it is open and a bit closer:

I’m loving it! Bringing a little bit of “nature” indoors :o)

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Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Great idea~ cloche's are just so lovely and your handmade stand is perfect with yours! Thank you for sharing at FNF :)

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