Monday, May 2, 2011

The bookcases are FINALLY finished!

It took a bit of time but the bookcases are finally finished and I'm really happy about the results!  The lighter color and the new placement made all the difference for the room.  Even though it is a small room it now feels more open and bright. 

So here's what it looked like before we moved in:

Here is a picture taken soon after we moved in and painted the walls.  You can also see the bookcases when they were painted dark chocolate brown:

And here is a picture of how it looks now with the bookcases I painted here flanking the window:

Much better don't you think?

Here's a picture looking back towards the door:

Above the desk you can see the yard sale mirror I painted here and my seashell prints from here. Here's another angle of the seashell prints:

And a bit closer:

On the opposite wall from the seashell prints is another window.  This area of the room is still a work in progress.  I plan on getting rid of the small red bookcase and the white cabinet and replacing them with another piece of furniture that will fit the space a bit better.  Maybe something long and narrow?  We will see what I can find.

So that's how things are looking in the front/guest bedroom.  We are slowly making progress.  For now I really like how things turned out.  One day I wish we can do something like this around the window:

from houzz

That's how I envisioned things until we moved the bookcases to the window wall and I realized they were shorter than the window :o(  Maybe one day we will get around to building new shelves, and if we do my mom has already claimed my ticking stripe bookcases :o)

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