Sunday, April 10, 2011

My big yard sale find

"Big" find is a bit of an exaggeration.  This weekend the weather was beautiful so we decided to spend Saturday morning yard saling.  We made a list of the most interesting yard sales around town that we found on Craigslist and then Brian made a map of the best route to take.  I was really excited before we set out.  I was going to find some neat furniture to spend the weekend painting ..................... but all I found was a $3 mirror:

I had hopes for it even though at first glance it sorta made me grimace.  Here you can see the details a bit more ................. and the dust :o):

So when we made it home I got to work giving the mirror a couple coats of spray paint in "Heirloom White".  And it turned out looking really good, even Brian approved ......... although he didn't think of it as much of a find when I first showed it to him! :o)  Here's the after:

And a bit closer:

I decided to hang it in our front bedroom so guests staying over will have a mirror to use.  I think it works pretty well with the room color.  I would show a larger view of the room but it is a mess right now.  Brian is working on shelves for the closet so all the stuff we usually have hidden away is strewn about the bedroom ...... and I'm also working on re-painting the bookcases so books are everywhere too!  A bit of a disaster zone :o)

So even something that starts off looking a bit grungy can be made into something beautiful with a few layers of paint :o)

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