Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter egg cup display

Since Easter is this Sunday I decided to bring out my egg cups and other egg-themed items and put them on display.

The cute ceramic bunny egg holder on the left was a gift from Brian's mom.  When she came to visit last year we went to the local farmer's market and bought a carton of eggs of assorted colors: traditional whites and browns, with a couple of blue ones thrown in.  We spent some time blowing the whites and eggs through small piercings in the shell and then put the emptied shells on display in the bunny holder.  I wish I had thought to do that this year.  Instead I found some egg-shaped candles in cream, blue, and green with tiny speckles.

And this year Brian's mom sent us the cute individual blue with polka-dots egg cups.  I think they will look perfect in our dish display cabinet after Easter, contrasting nicely with the blue and green stripes of the shelf paper :o)

I also brought out my light blue cake stand and found a glass dome I had around to cover a tiny wire nest holding an egg candle.  I would love to have a real nest on display ............ maybe I can make one out of moss and twigs for next year! 

So that's my Easter display for this year.  This weekend my family is coming to visit and we are planning on decorating eggs and having an Easter egg hunt.  Even though my brothers and I are all grown up my family still has an Easter egg hunt every year!  We try to be nonchalant about it, but we all want to be the one to find the most eggs!

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Aqsa Rao said...

wow very nice piece of work.:)
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