Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House plants

I had a small table that had been in our bedroom acting as a stand for the cake tree that I had painted red a while ago.  You can see it here in the corner:

When I replaced the stand with my black trunk (more about that in this post) I decided to move it into the dining room to set one of my house plants on.  I primed it to cover up the red, then painted it a cheerful yellow.   My plant was also in need of a larger pot so I transplanted the plant and added a bit of new soil.  And here you can see how everything looks:

My poor "Angel Wing" begonia looks a bit scrawny but hopefully now that it's roots have room to grow it will be much happier and flower again.  It has the prettiest leaves, they are a dark green with silver spots on the top side and a pinkish underside.  Here you can see a closer picture of the "angel wing" leaves:

It's really lovely, I've never seen the silver pigment before on a plant!

And here's a closer picture of my new pot and the painted stand:

So that's all I've had time to fit in so far this week.  Brian and I have tried to tackle the yard some too but I will wait until we have better progress pictures to show before I post about that :o)

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