Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A family tree

When Brian and I were planning our wedding (we tried to do most things ourselves and with our families help!) we decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake  because we wanted something a bit different.  We had our caterer make us a few cheesecakes  with raspberry sauce and a few chocolate ganache cakes..............yummy!

We still wanted the cakes to look special even if we weren't having a fancy decorated cake but I wasn't sure what to do until ....................... I came across just the thing in a Martha Stewart magazine!:

I showed my Dad and he said he could try to make one like it for me!  He enjoys welding, mostly things having to do with a car, so this would be a bit different, more of an artistic endeavor :o)  He bought some metal rods in different diameters from the hardware store and found an old metal disk from a tractor at my aunt's farm to use as a base.  Then he got to work wielding everything together.   About a week before the wedding I remember calling my mom to see if the cake tree would be possible and hearing metal crashing in the background and her convincing me things were going fine!...........yeah, I had a few cake stands as a back-up plan (sorry Dad!).

A couple days before the wedding my parents came driving up with a cake tree in the back of their truck.  Some of the finishing touches had to be made but we had a tree!  My dad was pretty fancy with the decorating, he painted the trunk and branches a darker brown first and then sponge painted on a lighter brown to give the appearance of bark.  I bought some moss covered "rocks" and hot glued them on to the base and then we had a CAKE TREE!  (Sorry, I couldn't find a picture with the cakes but here it is in our bedroom now acting as a candle stand for the time being):

Here you can see some more of the details:

So for now the tree has become an art piece in our bedroom:

But I'm sure it will be making many appearances at family get-togethers where there is food to be displayed :o)

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