Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm loving our bedroom!

I have to admit, even after painting our bedroom blue I was still skeptical we had found a color we would stick with.  I really liked the shade of blue, but for our small bedroom it was a bit overwhelming ......... until today when we put up the new curtain rods for the curtains I had made.  We hung the curtains higher and wider than the window and it did the trick, it made the window look larger.  And the billowy, white cotton fabric I used softened the blue of the room and I felt it looked so much better.  I'll just show you the before and after pictures and then get down to the details of what we did.

So here you can see the before (sorry about the messy bed!):

And then the after:

We bought a double bar curtain rod in a brushed nickel finish so we could have both sheers and thicker curtains over the window.  Here you can see Brian hanging the new curtains rods higher and wider and below on the window frame you can see the old curtain rod:

For the inner rod we hung a cotton eyelet sheer panel I found at Target.   Here it is with sunlight filtering through (I just love it!):

For the outer rod I bought a thicker, white cotton fabric and made panels to hang on either side of the sheers so we can pull those closed for privacy and to block out any light when we need to.   I used no-sew tape that I picked up at our local fabric store to make the hems.  I also left a slight overhang at the top of the panel that you can see here from a before picture:

And today when I came home from work and opened the window I had to take a picture of the curtains billowing in the breeze!  And the afternoon sun filtering in.........oh, I'm just loving it!

Here's some more angles of the room to show how it's coming together.  We still need to add some art but things are improving.

I removed the clutter from our dresser and the small drawers on top to place the focus on our letters (talked about here).  I also added small glass votive holders with tea lights across the top of the drawers and a canvas runner along the dresser to soften things up a bit and add some interest.

Here's a closer picture:

And here's looking towards the bed:


The frame in the center contains lyrics to one of our favorite songs, "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service, painted on canvas fabric (talked about here) flanked by two black and white photos from our wedding.

So that's how our bedroom is looking.  I'm so happy that I don't have to paint it again, I'm really liking the color now.  And I LOVE our new curtains, they add a bit of romance to the room :o)

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