Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Try and try again

We have had a cork board hanging next to our  front door for quite a while now but it was supposed to just be a temporary thing until we found some artwork that we liked to replace it with.  But having a message board by the door has come in handy so I decided to spruce it up a bit.

Here it is in it's initial state.  I had painted the trim blue a few years ago but the dark brown chunky cork just wasn't helping it out any in the style department.

So I thought it might be fun to cover the cork in some blue scrapbooking paper and paint the frame a light green color to match the other decor in the living room.

Once again I prepared for painting by first taping off the edges and then painting on a coat of primer:

Then I applied a couple layers of the green paint and attached the scrapbooking paper with some double-sided tape:

I liked the color combination but when I put it up on the wall it just faded into the background, it didn't add the pop of color I was hoping for :o(

So after being a little grumpy I got back to work and tried again.  This time I used left-over paint from the blue dresser in the living room and fabric remnants from covering the lampshade for the bedroom mentioned a few posts ago.   I also added a few hooks along the bottom of the frame that I had picked up the other day.  For the hooks I pre-drilled guide holes making the screwing in of the hooks a lot easier.

Then I cut the fabric to size and pinned it to the corners of the cork board and here you go, our new message board.  I am MUCH happier with the results this time around :o)  And we have hooks to hang our keys so no more fishing through my purse every morning.

Now this message board will be a permanent and appreciated addition to the more "place holder" designation for this cork board!

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