Monday, March 14, 2011

Seashells by the Sea Shore

Well, we don't exactly live by the sea shore but it's only a couple hours drive away.  Growing up I loved going to the beach with my family and searching for seashells.  I never found anything really exotic, the most exciting find would be a completely intact sand dollar, but the hunt was the fun part :o)

This last week I bought some prints online of birds and flowers for the bathroom for a "French Garden" theme.  The theme came to me because the color of the walls reminded me of the pale green french clay that is used for facials.........I don't know why, I doubt Brian made the same connection :o)  Anyway, when I bought the garden themed prints it was a get 4 groups of prints for the price of 3 so I decided to also get a pack of seashell prints.  The seashells would work perfectly with a really cool red coral embroidered accent pillow that I found a while back for the front bedroom.

So I used some frames I already had and hung them up on the wall.  Here is a picture of two of the prints flanking the bed.

 Here you can see the prints up close.

Some pretty red, scallop shells:

And pretty blueish-green and speckled shells.

I also had a couple small prints that I hung together over a chair by the door.

So there's our sea-themed front bedroom.  It's a work in progress but is slowly coming along :o) 

I'm still trying to find some white frames for the prints for the bathroom that aren't too expensive.  Once I get them up I'll be sure to post the pictures!

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