Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making it work with a little ingenuity

While I was finishing up the bathroom this last weekend (straightening towels, etc. before taking pictures) I remembered Brian and I had worked some magic on one of the towel bars.  I found the two towel bars and a matching toilet paper holder all at Home Goods for a reasonably good price.  The only problem was the towel bars only came in one size 24".  That would work for holding one folded towel but what do we do about two?!

So I thought maybe we could buy an aluminum pipe in the same thickness as the towel bar and cut it to the length we wanted to nicely line-up with the window and fit two towels.  Brian got to work measuring and cutting the pipe to the right length and I sprayed it with some left over paint we had in a satin nickel.

Here you can see that it looks like it belongs, if you look really close you might be able to tell a difference, but who ever looks that close.......

........And the towels hide it anyway!

So there you have it.  To make a good deal work for you, sometimes you may have to do a little tweaking :o)

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